Charles Gordon Robertson

Charles Robertson has been Co-Artistic Director of Bottle Tree Productions since 2006 with Anne Marie Mortensen. He has written and directed many plays. Some of his favourite plays to direct include Amadeus, The Miracle Worker, The Glass Menagerie, Talk Radio, The Hack, Hamlet, Sense and Sensibility, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Some of his favourite plays, he has written include, Ghost of the Tree, Til the Boys Come Home, Pretty Pieces, The Hack and Eve of Confederation.

He met Cassel Miles a couple of years ago and Cassel told him of his dream to create a show about Josiah Henson. Charles thought it was a great story, which is important to all writers, the story, and then he set about writing a script.  Cassel and Charles have had a great working relationship ever since.


Anne Marie Mortensen
Producer/Lighting and Sound Designer

Anne Marie Mortensen has been working in theatre for the past fifteen years, and exclusively as a theatre artist since 2006. She is a Royal Conservatory (formerly the Royal Conservatory of Music) certified Artist Educator, and co-owner of Bottle Tree Productions.

As a theatre artist, Anne Marie has experience in all aspects of theatre and musical theatre, including producing, directing, stage management, set, lighting and costume design and properties. She was General Manager of the Wellington Street Theatre, which was an affordable performance and rehearsal space for itinerant companies. Along with business partner, Charles Robertson, she has produced scores of shows as Bottle Tree Productions, and have supported dozens more, including music performances, travelling productions, children's companies, and youth-driven productions. She is a respected resource for theatre, and acting and is frequently asked for advice from companies and individuals both within and outside of the city.

With a background in graphic design and advertising, Anne Marie is happiest in creating the visuals of theatre - especially in set design & construction and designing and building costumes.

While all shows are special, Anne Marie is particularly proud of Bottle Tree Productions' results with Les Miserables, CATS, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and The Fourposter.

Anne Marie also is a major supporter of theatre in Kingston and Ontario through her support of the Sears Ontario Drama Festival, in co-producing high school theatre, and supporting co-operative eduction initiatives, especially for students in the Arts and Culture Specialist High Skills Major.