Congratulations and thank you to Cassel Miles, Charles Gordon Robertson and Anne Mortensen for a wonderful evening of theatre!
It was simply wonderful. Amazing piece of theatre. Cassel Miles is incredible!
What a gorgeous show Cassel! Congratulations on following this dream.
Wow Cassel that was a wonderful performance! Beautifully written. It was captivating!
Last night I was privileged to see the incredible one man show “Josiah Henson” at the Baby Grand. Not only is the story a sobering reminder of the fate of the slaves in the US, but a story of hope and determination. Beautifully written dialog, incredibly performed, totally enthralling…don’t miss it.

Fantastic show last night. The addition of dance/rhythmic movement was brilliant. It wasn’t overpowering, and it didn’t draw me out of the story in the fact, it enhanced it. Just amazing.Agree that this is a compelling story told well. So many good things about the production. Accolades to Cassel Miles whose lithe physicality brought life to so many characters. And who knew you could do so much with a cap and a handkerchief?

If you have an opportunity you should make it out to this show. It is beautifully told in just the way this story should be told - no fancy set or props or lights necessary - just the solid presence of someone who embodies the character. Cassel Miles beautifully done. Kudos to Anne Mortensen and the rest of the crew. I will await the sequel...

Absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much. I know/knew very little about Josiah Henson, so now I’m going to have to do some reading.