A Poem About Josiah

He doesn’t just play the part of Josiah
But he lives it in his heart
He steps into his mind and body
That’s what sets Cassel apart.

He steps onto the stage
Josiah comes alive
You feel his pain and anguish
As he fights to just survive.

His goal begins with freedom
For himself and family
Josiah moves beyond that
To help others to be free.

Cassel Miles lives every movement
And every sound he makes
He breathes life into the audience
With every step he takes.

Josiah lived to make a difference
Cassel, he does the same
Living in two different eras
Two men with different names.

Yet they walk the path together
Although apart and yet so near
Cassel speaks with his own voice
Yet, Josiah, is who you hear.

By Gretchen Huntley

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