Josiah Henson: From Slave to Saviour Poster
My fiancé and I saw the production of Slave to Saviour a couple weeks ago in Kingston, and we were so deeply moved. We thought you should know how incredibly powerful your performance was. The set was simple with few props, yet you portrayed a myriad of characters with clarity and poignancy. We were awed by your desire to bring the character of Josiah Henson and his story to life. Well written, well played. Bon courage to you in your theatre / dance endeavours. I can still hear the song Josiah sang while working in the fields: an honest and dedicated man. Thanks for helping us remember.
— Kelly Harris
BWW Review: THE VIRGIN TRIAL at The Great Canadian Theatre Company”

”The performances by all cast members were outstanding…. Although a minor character, Miles’ portrayal of Parry was particularly entertaining. Indeed, it is difficult to believe that this show is Miles’ first after a fourteen-year hiatus from professional theatre.
— Courtney Castelino Sep. 16, 2018 - Broadway World

”Occasional moments of humour, particularly from Cassel Miles, as Bess’s cofferer (accountant) Parry, offer welcome breaks from the tension and such intentionally anachronistic sequences as water boarding torture.
— By Iris Winston / September 15, 2018
Cassel Miles heads up an extraordinary slate of talent in a wonderful production in Angels in America…
— Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine
Cassel Miles is especially assured this time as Prior’s loyal friend Belize, an angel of mercy among mortals.
— Vit Wagner, The Toronto Star
But only one number in “Fosse” has what could honestly be called emotional richness, an inspired staging of the mawkish ‘Mr. Bojangles.’ Miles does something very, very difficult: he both mocks Bill “Bojangles” Robinson’s “Yassuh” manner, the enforced style of the times for any black performer who wanted to succeed, and forgives it. He’s compassionate toward his great model, and when the aging Robinson, forced now to shuffle with age, performs with his idealized inner self, … Miles is heartbreaking.
— Lloyd Rose, Washington Post
“Cassel Miles turns a part that would be a triumph for any actor into a personal triumph
— John Coulbourne, The Toronto Sun
Cassel Miles is something of a revelation to someone who has seen him only in dramatic roles; he is a very strong singer and a superb jazz dancer.
— H. J. Kirchoff, The Globe and Mail
Sinewy dancers Andrews and Miles stir the libido on The Mooche, then drum up a tapdance storm…
Dancers deluxe Andrews and Miles shine on the sexy Echoes of Harlem…
— Stewart Brown, The Hamilton Spectator